Dawn of the Dead (2004)

                                        POP RATING: 7/10

Dawn of the Dead

Directed by: Zack Snyder
Cast: Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames and Mekhi Phifer


The undead are back and it seems they are here to stay! When a group of survivors find themselves stranded in a shopping mall surrounded by the undead they are forced to arm up and kick some zombie ass!



This zombie survival film tells the story of how we; as a groups of living human beings may cope up against the cannibalistic undead. Ana a well respected nurse has been chased out of here home and out of her town, Luckily however she manages to find another few survivors who decide that the mall would be their best chance of survival...at least for a short while.


The acting feels slightly over hysterical although I think if i were to be in their situation i would find it difficult to maintain a strong level sanity. I can't say that I felt a great deal of connection to any of the characters however some of the witty banter between each of them was done with great timing and finesse which definitely made the film more enjoyable to watch. I was happy to see Ty Burrell ( the actor from Modern Family) make an appearance, he plays a sly womanisers who is in this life for himself and will sacrifice whoever he has to to save his own skin. I really like his style of comedy and he was no disappointment in this film. 


  • The Zombies are scary

The film represents the rabid and unruly nature of a cannibalistic group of the undead unlike a lot of other zombie films out there at the moment. I really like how they didn't just rely on the idea of the undead roaming the streets to grip the viewer, they actually used a lot of techniques more commonly found in horror films.

  • It had the right amount of bad assery!
This point speaks for it self really, but this films director has managed to do his action sequences really well. The film is not packed full of zombie killing - in fact the main proportion of zombie slaying is in the second half of the film- Although when they do include a zombie killing sequence I feel each one has been done to a really good standard.

  • Lack of character Development

A proficient level of character development helps to elevate a films tension and sense of threat. Dawn of the Dead However has not managed to achieve a great deal of character development and I could not get immersed in or feel much in the way of remorse for these characters as they slowly get devoured by the undead horde. I think this point was not helped by the act that a lot of the characters did seem very over exaggerated not the most believable. 


All in all it is another very typical zombie film which follows many of the general conventions you would expect. Although they do have great focus on the global scale of the virus and the erratic ruthless nature of the zombies does shine through really well i didn't feel there was enough variation to make it a stand out zombie film. It is a Fine remake of the George Romero classic, However i really want to see the Zombie genre start to evolve. If you Agree let me know down below and suggest in what ways it you think it should change.