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Titanic (1997)

    "You Jump I Jump"

Directed by: James Cameron
Cast: Leanardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet and Frances Fisher


A love story Intertwined with the devastating events of the Titanic. When Jack, a poor boy from England and his mate Fabrizio; manage to win a bet allowing them two tickets for the titanic they think it is the best thing in the world and for a short while it is. The story then switches to the daughter of a controlling mistress, named Rose. After she decided that the the pressures of an aristocratic life are becoming to much to bare, she decided to attempt suicide. Fortunately, Jack Dawson, who has fallen in love with her at this point preys upon her attempt and steps in before anything bad can happen. The rest of the film follows the couples adventure's throughout the voyage with some very memorable scenes such as 'Sketch scene'. Involving Kate as a Nude model and Jack drawing her. 


This film is a real triumph in character development. Each one has very unique attribute and all are equally enjoyable to watch. I particularly enjoyed the evolution of Kate Winslet's character as I always like to see any kind of drastic changes in attitudes in behaviour on screen. I also enjoyed Roses interactions with her mother Ruth. Frances Fisher (Ruth) portrayed a snake like parenting characters who although may like to appear all things to everyone was only interested in her families upper class status.


  • Characters
A great adventure made simply more interesting by the fact that this is not a film that you will remember for the sinking of the ship but more for the great interplay and development between the characters.  The love story is going to make you cry and the controlling nature and snobbery of the upper classes will make you cringe. All the character trigger all the right responses and they do it well.

  • The Effects
Now this wouldn't be a review about the Titanic if I didn't at least say something about the astounding special effects. Although this film is old the special effect are expertly put together. There is one point in particular, were the bow is up in the air and the ship is about to be submerged it looks epic!

Points for improvement

I feel that this film actually could do with something being subtracted from its equation. I watched the Blu-ray remastered version and have to say that I was not impressed. Although some area looked like they had more colours, there were area which had not been done very well and the strength of the colours in some of the shots looked grossly unrealistic. A minor grip though for a classic movie!


A must see love film with the epic nature of film making we have come to expect from James Cameron. I love the way he has managed to not only glorify the majesty and achievement of the ship whilst intertwining an endearing and interesting love story which really pulls on your heart strings.

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Short Film Review - UNO

The Plot

A short film that puts the audience right at the center of some strange events. It is a very creepy and unsettling piece with a narrative that is highly conceptual and completely open to the audiences interpretations. From what I have gathered, it seems to be a man being controlled by a wooden doll who after overcoming his hypnosis decides to... well in fact I will leave this up to you to decide!

Watch the short and let me hear your oppinions in the comments below this post!

Good Points

  • Chills
It creates a good sense of atmosphere which I felt helped to make up for the lack of a proper narrative. The scenery is very dark and and seems to over power our character to make him feel alone and vulnerable.

  • Creative
I love to find meanings in film. While the meanings that I have interpreted are not intentional in this film I still liked having the ability to patch this sequence of shots together, to form my own personal narrative.

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Short Film Review - Find Makarov


Captain Price and the gang team up to infiltrate a base to try and 'find Makarov'. It's a really simple story which does well to capture the beauty of explosions and also identify the grim realities of war. It also manages to represent the narrative and character tropes of those familiar with any Call of Duty player.

Good Points

  • Visual Quality
This video is shot in really high resolution and it shows!

You get to see each spectacular explosion in full HD and also can make out the beads of sweat rolling off the foreheads of our war hero Roach.
  • Attention to Detail
You can tell the guys behind it have some love for the franchise and the sheer painstaking detail of the short makes for a much more involving and enjoyable viewing experience.

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Film Review - Total Recall (2012)

"We make your memories for you"
Directed By: Len Wiseman 
Cast: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckingsale and Bill Nighy


Douglas Quaid, a simple factory worker living in a future cosmopilis begins to feel as though his life is becoming boring and so decides to visit a place called recall. It is a machine that can implement memories into your mind an give you experiences as if they actually happened.  Unfortunately, the process brings to light that Doug may not be who he says he is and from then on all calamity ensues. After being attacked one morning by his supposedly beloved wife; Quaid begins to find out due to clues left by his previous self that he is part of a much greater feud between the two main groups on the planet. The united federation of Britain and the colony. People familiar with the original Arnold Schwarzenegger film will know this side of the story. The part that is not included in this new rendition is the fact that Colin Farrell's  Douglas Quaid does not visit mars.

I remember watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and thinking that although he may not be the most versatile actor in the world, his light hearted nature and massively apparent muscular features made his performance entertaining and fun to watch. This element of the film, has been lost in Colin Farrell's version of the character. He has a very moody expression on his face throughout the film and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of character development. Although there were not many stand out performances; I felt that Lori (Kate Beckingsale), the undercover agent posing as Quaid's wife,  gave a strong and at times quite frightening performance. This helped when trying to distinguish her from the other supporting female actress played by Jessica Biel as they both share a striking resemblance.


  • Special Effects

This film makes a massive point of using CGI to give a better sense of scale. The early 90's version, was renowned for using a wide range of cutting edge special effects, However the film always felt too confined. Fortunately with the advancements in technology they are now able to present a more vibrant and living city that helps give a greater sense of scale in the film.
  • Recycling of the Narrative

I have to say that I was somewhat hesitant as to the idea of watching a film that was the re-make of an original, especially as it was an action film. I felt it may be a carbon copy with nothing new. Fortunately, the film stays true to the original story whilst still managing to keep a fresh twist on the films narrative.

Points for improvement

The issue I have already aired in this post is that the performances within the film seem to be rather wooden and struggle to hold your attention as much as the original did. I believe that an action film done in earnest is always going to be a let down unless it is based on fact. I kept waiting for the film to give a witty one liner or show me something rather funny, however the comic relief fails to present itself.

A fun action film that has some impressive visuals, with interesting character chemistry but very little development. It will not keep you as entertained as the original and is a fairly adequate attempt to rejuvenate this great science fiction thriller.

You might be interested in buying the Blu-ray of Total Recall to watch with a big bowl of     

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