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Fancy Joining our Preaching community?

You cam to the right place! 

Common Questions from new Preachers:

Whats in it for me?

If you do decide to sign up you will have access to:

- Guest Blogging: If you are part of my preaching community you can send me your reviews to have them published on my site!

- Your name/blog name posted to the 'Wall of Preachers' on the front of my blog for all to see and link to!
How do I Join!?

"You to, can join the preaching community today!"

Just follow these TWO simple steps to popcorn preaching heaven:    

- *Add me to your circle on Google plus So I can Contact you!

- Send me a link to your blog, so I can give you a back link! 

 *If you don't have a Google plus page, you can submit any e-mail to my preachers tab on the front of my blog there I will be able to contact you in terms of guest blogging. 

I will send you a personal thank you as soon as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon and Happy preaching!