Google+: Is the future of Social Networking!

Google Plus logo
Well at least it is the pedestal from which a new era of social networking platforms will spawn.

ThePopCornPreacher here and for today's post I want to bring you something a little bit different. I have been using the Google plus service  for a good amount of time now and am really starting to see the massive potential that this site could offer.

The History

Google+ is a social networking service that was launched in 2011 and was created in order to help Google secure a large proportion of the  instant blogging side of the internet..

My thoughts On the Service

I would go so far as to say that Google plus is better then Twitter and Facebook combined.  Its creative blend of usability and easy content sharing make it the best alternative.

Another positive to the plus service, is that it delivers all of the original Google apps we know and love, neatly embedded into the site. For instance Blogger, Google Play and YouTube.

To me Google Plus feels more like a service, than a social network. Google have tryed to bring together all of their apps into one convenient package and then offer people a podium from which to preach to friends and colleagues. I think that social networking is progressing and developing into something more than just general chit chat with friends, these companies realise that we want to be able to gather information on interesting topics and discuss them, all within the same space. Thankfully Google seem to have latched on to this idea and executed it almost perfectly.

Google plus resembles more of a 'Socialopolis' than a social network and this is a good thing!

The Minor Negative 

I must say however that although google's service is astonishing, it does have its flaws. For example, some of the apps such as blogger don't quite offer the kind of opportunities or carry the same sort of gravitas as other similar sites in their respective fields.

Hopefully as the service becomes more and more mainstream we will see Google develop their older services such as blogger and reader to make everything shine as much as their social networking mechanic. 

Last Word 

Google plus is not being talked about enough!

I know it has not had the kind of history of Facebook or the celebrity endorsements of twitter. Although, If you are looking to become an online entrepreneur or just a social King or queen, Google Plus Offers the perfect blend of blogging and broadcasting to help you achieve such goals.

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