Short Film Review - UNO

The Plot

A short film that puts the audience right at the center of some strange events. It is a very creepy and unsettling piece with a narrative that is highly conceptual and completely open to the audiences interpretations. From what I have gathered, it seems to be a man being controlled by a wooden doll who after overcoming his hypnosis decides to... well in fact I will leave this up to you to decide!

Watch the short and let me hear your oppinions in the comments below this post!

Good Points

  • Chills
It creates a good sense of atmosphere which I felt helped to make up for the lack of a proper narrative. The scenery is very dark and and seems to over power our character to make him feel alone and vulnerable.

  • Creative
I love to find meanings in film. While the meanings that I have interpreted are not intentional in this film I still liked having the ability to patch this sequence of shots together, to form my own personal narrative.

Preachers Message: A good short but lacking in substance, Give it a look in but don't expect to have to build your own story throughout. If you enjoyed this post or any of the other pieces of content I have produced let others know and leave it a like!

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And for my video review of this film, Click Here!