Film Entry #1: The Avengers: Assemble

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The Avengers: Assemble

I was contemplating what would be the best film for me to start my blog with and i thought that having just seen the fourth biggest grossing film of all time it might be quite a nice idea to give my opinions on The Avengers: Assemble.

This film sees the coming together of all our favorite marvel heroes, to form what is known as the Avengers Initiative. Captain America,  Iron Man (Tony Stark), the Hulk, Hawk eye, Black Widow and the god of thunder, Thor; Team up with the help of Mr Nick fury played by Samuel.L.Jackson to fight the terrible Tyranny brought down by the nordish god Lokey.

I went to see the film in 3D,  however, i felt that it did not add much to the overall film except for a few 'ooey' 'rrey' moments. I would not recommend 3D to anyone. The film did however manage to keep me mildly interested and entertained.

 I would warn any one going to see this film that it still follows a very generic pattern that most hero films follow,  Baddy attacks, Goody defends.  This small issue aside  however I believe that the avengers was somewhat enjoyable.

Instead of taking itself seriously there was a humorous undertone to this film that seemed to grow and grow as the film progressed. Personally, The reason why I enjoy hero films such as Spider man and Batman is simply down to the fact that they are more gritty and more true to life. The Avengers is not this.

I understand that the film makers want to portray the same themes that were in the comics and also make it as mainstream savvy as possible, but I would say, as a personal preference that the gags and comic relief of the film did edge onto the verge of stupidity.

I would give the film credit for attempting to build each characters back story, although I really think that it is difficult to develop a character if you don't make enough reference to their one defining feature (i.e there super power). What i mean by this is that i feel they made more reference to the relationship between each character as oppose to each characters individual story up to this point.

In summary then I would say that The Avengers is an enjoyable thrill ride that brings together action and narrative  in a complementary mix. The witty banter and one liners can sometimes be a bit cringey however it really carries the theme of american patriotism through well, Which is what they are all about.

Pop-O-Meter=7 Pops