Introduction to this blog!

So i really wanted to become more of an active blogger;  plus i also really enjoy talking about and watching films regularly.  So a film review blog seemed like a perfectly natural progression.

In my living room i have an extensive library of Blu-ray films, non are relatively recent however most of them are quite brilliant pieces of film history.

Over the coming years i hope to bring you my thoughts on each of these films by going back over them and watching each one, scene by scene and giving my impressions.

Unfortunately i have timed this blog abit poorly as i am in the middle of preparing for my summer exams, therefore free time is short and relatively precious. 

However, any time that i do find my self twiddling my thumbs, i will be sure to sit down and try to view the odd film.

Thank you for reading and in the words of everyone's favorite Indian shop owner "please come again."