Film entry #3: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible V: Ghost Protocol (2011)
This is my third entry and I must say it's a cracker!

The fourth installment of the mission impossible franchise, See's Ethan Hunt separated from everybody except his closest team members and together they must gather the nuclear codes and kill the bad guys all in time for tea.

The opening scene is a gob smacking chase with some interesting stunts and fast paced action, It really sets the pace of the rest of the film. I do quite like the styling of the mission impossible films, and this one does not disappoint. I watched it in Blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound and both were used to full effect. There is a scene in which Ethan finds himself underwater and being fired upon by some angry Russians; I loved that you could hear each bullet whizzing past your head and see every single bubble pop as the lead shells cut through the water.

As always in these James bond-esque films, the locations were as phenomenal as ever. From Budapest to Dubai; the backdrops were a varied mix of cultures and wealth. Whilst in Dubai Ethan (as you may or not have heard before) attempts to scale a part of the biggest building in the world known as the Burj. The suspense in this scene is quite jaw dropping i found my self at times literally clutching the seat in fear; it was truly unlike anything I had ever experienced  in a film, before.

I must say that Simon Pegg gives a strong performance as usual, he is hilarious and provides just the right amount of comic relief.  In terms of the two lead actors, I believe that Toms performance was fine among all the action and excitement, however it felt slightly put on and unrealistic in the slower parts of the film. Jeremy Renders character on the other hand felt strong, he portrayed the image of a man guilty about a certain some one's speculated death perfectly and clicked with the other characters even though Tom, Simon and Paula's characters had established strong chemistry beforehand.

As a side note a I noticed there was cameo role for the famous Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor. Who just so happens to be one of the actors in my case study for my media course. Our case study is on 3 films on of them is slum dog millionaire.

- Summary -
In summary then I would say Mission Impossible is a hugely entertaining film. It brings interesting plot devices to the genre and ties all of the characters together really well. The sound and picture design has been done to a really high standard and adds great to this films overwhelming experience. It is a real must see film.
There was a part in the plot with a man and a mask which I felt could have been explained a little better, however it did not detract from the overall performance. 

I would give this film a rating of 8/10 Pops: