Crazy Heart (2009)

Crazy Heart

Directed By: Scott Cooper
Actors: Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaul and Colin Farrell

For fans of country and western music and just fans of music; this film is fantastic. It is a tale of how a washed up singer songwriter comes to re-gain his stamp on the music world. I must admit I was somewhat hesitant about viewing this film, I felt it would be a very dull film which wouldn't really capture my interest. However I sat down, nonetheless and watched it. I have to say that in the end I am really happy that I did, it is a heart warming film about a man who although he has lost his way still wants his music and his feelings to be heard.

Jeff bridges as always was on top form, playing the beat up country/western singer named Bad Blake. You really feel a sense of desperation for a character who you can tell has heaps of talent, however feels so neglected by life that he has given up all hope. Bad Blake used to be a part of an ensemble who were who well regarded in the folk music world, although it seems time has taken his tole and he has been resided to performing in small bars and places of little significance. A little fact for those of you who are interested is that the bowling alley at the beginning of the film is the same alley where 'the dude' (also one of Jeff Bridges characters) from the film The Big Lebowski used to bowl with his group of chums. Appearances from Maggie gyllenhaul, Colin Farrell and Rick Duvall were very welcome as they represented the idea of Bad's past and future relationships and how each one was a help and also a hinderence.

I have to say before I end this however that it does agrrivate me when movie companies make films which are based solely on contextual meaning as oppose to fact or fiction. As with a film such as The Avenegers, yes it is ridiculous and probably will never happen however you can sort of see that given its strong fan base and extensive merchandising it could warrant a movie release. With Crazy Heart it's story is not based on real events and I believe that a film which has such a realistic feeling should be based on some truth.


All in all I would say this film is all about a mans struggle to pick himself up from the damage of the past and being able to pursue success. It also tells the audience that although you may be older; you can still make a name for your self. If you want a film about perseverance, the competitive reality of the music industry and just a beautiful adventure then this film is for you!

I would give this film a POP rating of: 7/10