The Pursuit of HappYness (2006)

Cast:Will Smith, Jayden Smith and Thandie Newton
Director: Gabriele Muccino

Happiness with an 'i' that is. 

It doesn't matter what the topic of the story is, but it always makes me feel a great deal of pride when ever I hear a story about great human achievements and how one persons perseverance and hard graft has payed off well in the end.

Thats why The pursuit of happyness has me gripped every time I watch it. The film tells the story of how a certain Chris Gardner played by Will Smith; is failing in his attempts to sell his extra density X-ray machine. A machine that can provide a fractionally sharper image for double the price. It describes his struggle and triumph beautifully.

Will Smith as always gives a pertinent and moving Performance. His portrayal of the optimistic and strong willed salesman under the pressures of life is truly believable and engrossing. I rate him as one of my top actors and I think that once you've seen this film you will most likely understand why. Jayden Smith, rather ironically, plays Wills son; there homegrown father-son relationship clearly shines through and creates a natural on screen chemistry that is difficult to imitate.

Naturally this being such an inspirational true story, Chris Gardner did decide to write his experiences into a novel,  and I am sure that based on the incredible nature of this film that is going to be quite the page turner.  If any one out there is interested in purchasing the book I have left a link at the bottom of this post, to amazon.

This film is a piece of cinema you need to see before you die, it is literally that good! 

I love films that are hugely moving and speak to me on a personal level, the thing that sets this apart is the fact that it actually happened, this added to Wills astounding performance makes this a spectacular piece of cinema.

You Must go see this film!

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